Jeffery Building Products is an independant supplier of brick, stone and cladding based in the North East of England. With over 35 years experience within this industry, the team at JBP are qualified to meet your design needs.


At JBP we understand the importance of finding the right product for each buidling project, and therefore we provide a service tailored to the customers requirements. With an extensive range of building products from the leading UK suppliers, we ensure that the products and service we offer are of the highest quality.


For further information on products and services contact our offices on 01642 724800

Brick Matches

If you are struggling to determine the best product for the build, contact our offices and we will send somebody to site to identify which product you require.




If you would like to enquire about a product, or are interested in ordering from us contact us on 01642 724800 and we can supply a free quotation.


We can offer an extensive range of none standard bricks in accordance with your requirements. For further information please contact us.



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